Chez Nous Presents…

Chez Nous is back y’all!

Chez Nous is a must-go-to event that’s held sporadically every few months, that features fantastic local (and sometimes foreign-based) vendors. The next installment is one that literally has me writhing with excitement (seriously, I’m practically frothing at the mouth), since you may have gathered I’m something of an accessory-phile (I’m a grade-A addict).

The following vendors will be in attendance:

  • Janice Derrick
  • Lupe Leonard
  • Meiling (a Chez Nous staple)
  • The Art of Fabric
  • Rachel Rochford
  • Sandalias Apparel Ltd.
  • Kenneth Forde
  • Thais & Rejane
  • Immortelle Beauty (another Chez Nous regular)
  • Crystal Cunningham
  • Rachel St. Rose
  • Beids by Chuff
  • Antonia Fifi

Now I know some of these vendors, and some I will be encountering for the first time. Pay day is tomorrow and I will be withdrawing quite a bit to spend at Chez Nous. I know the value of a totally unique, amazing accessory and how it can complete an ensemble. There is something incredibly empowering about owning an article of jewellery that is not only local, but one of a kind…it becomes you, and it becomes part of your signature style. I may be waxing poetic, but try it and see what I mean. And to me, the best thing about buying local is that there is never any buyer’s remorse 🙂 See you guys there!


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