My Style Spirit Wardrobe Guide

So by now I can only hope most of you know about the Style Spirit Fashion Weekend which is fast approaching. Scheduled for the 7th to the 9th of December, it’s getting down to the wire, so serious issues must be dealt with now before we run out of time and everything goes to shit! What are you going to wear?!

Ha, yeah…I wish what we were going to wear was the most daunting of tasks facing the Style Spirit team at the moment, but for those of you who’ve already booked your tickets and secured your spots in the comfy seats surrounding the runway, well, you really only have one herculean dilemma left no?

I’ve put together a completely self-indulgent style guide for the weekend with the looks arranged in no particular order. Note: I’m not telling you to wear this, I’m just saying this is what I’d love to see and what I will probably tailoring my outfits around (nevermind no one will get to see them). When assembling your ensembles for the weekend just remember your look should be able to transition from the more ‘sombre’ setting of a fashion show to the cray after-party we have lined up on every night.

Onesies (also known as jumpsuits/rompers by the less childish amongst us)

Palazzo or Wide Leg Trousers 


Tomboy Chic 


Ok that’s enough for now. But you get the idea right? I hope I’ve at least jogged your mind a bit, maybe shared some inspiration. Here’s a box…think outside of it. We’ve seen the coloured jeans and sheer top thing only a billion times. I’d say if there was any opportunity to get really creative and wacky it would be Style Spirit Fashion Weekend. You’ll be in a safe place, with people who enjoy colouring outside the lines of personal style as much as anyone else. I feel like a lot of Trinidadians are totally content with toe-ing the line in fashion, when in truth and in fact, we, collectively as a people, have the potential to be dancing all over that damn line. And I don’t mean being all wackadoodle and dressing like a clown; I mean doing something unexpected, refreshing, not necessarily new, but something good, ya dig? For more looks, check out the Style Spirit Weekend Wear Board on Pinterest.

PS. I should have tickets by today, so if you haven’t booked a ticket yet, don’t stick.