The Making Of // My 1ndividual Aesthetic Sweatshirt

It’s been a long 7 months coming but I finally got it! The 1ndividual Sweatshirt I’ve been pining after since the Style Spirit show last year. Keegan likes playing hard to get…evidently, but persistence and semi-stalking sometimes pays off, and in this case, not only did I land my beloved sweatshirt…but I got to MAKE IT! Crazy right? (work with me people…I never get excited. Even as a I type this, my fingers are only hitting the keyboard a fraction more frantically than they normally do).

Anyhoo, I have two left hands, so it was somewhat daunting – the prospect of printing my own 1ndividual piece. Of course my fears proved to be true when I sorta-kinda mucked it up on the first try. I guess all those upper body exercises in the gym aren’t paying off enough that I can successfully impose a print onto a shirt…

But it’s ok, because it all turned out fine in the end, obviously not as perfect as it would have been if I’d just let Keegan go ahead and do it himself, but there was something a little special about being able to be a part of the production process.

Thanks to The Boy for the photos


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