Treasure Hunting // New Chejo

Well something decidedly odd happened about two months ago…I won something. Now I’ve never won anything in my life – a bold-faced lie. I actually won a yellow walkman in a Dutch auction when I was in Form 1 – so let’s make that…I’ve never won anything COOL in my life. Readers of my blog might be familiar with my slight obsession with Chejo Jewelry, designed by Kristy Collado. Kristy posted an Instagram contest on the @IAmChejo Instagram profile, which basically just asked people to share the post in question, along with the #IAmChejo hashtag. Of course I shared it…not with any real expectation or motivation (because really, I NEVER win these things) but simply to help promote the brand and the contest. Lo and behold, a few weeks later, and well after I’d already forgotten about it, I got a mention in Instagram from the @IAmChejo account saying I’d won the competition, and would be the recipient of a spanking new Chejo necklace. Cue the spasms of joy. There’s even a Vine showing the selection process (good old ‘pull a name out of the bag’ procedure).

Getting it to Trinidad was a bit of a challenge since Kristy is located in the US and I’m obviously here in T&T, but we worked it out and this weekend I was very happy to collect my little slice of Chejo. I could go through the trouble of describing it to you but I’ll just go ahead and post some photos.


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