Out & About // All Italian

So….about this Carnival diet I’m supposed to be on. Actually…more than a Carnival diet, this whole healthy eating thing that I claimed to have adopted asa lifestyle choice a few months ago. Where is it Ceola? It’s gone. Gone…because I keep getting invited to the most amazing foodie events, like last night’s trip to All Italian Fine Wines & Foods. Invited by the ever gracious Marie from TriniChow and Corey from Learning Patience, I got to sample some of the most delectable cheeses, wines, prossecos, hors d’oeuvres and desserts on offer from this gourmet shop. I actually found everything very reasonably priced, especially the gift baskets, which I’m a HUGE fan of. I’d definitely recommend checking them out. They’re located on Rust Street (same compound as Paprika) and open on Friday & Saturday from 10am – 6pm though they should be extending their opening hours for Christmas. Check out my pics below 🙂

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