Pencil This In // Christmas Pop Ups

There has been NO shortage of shopping opportunities over the last month and a half. Since Bits and Pieces kicked things off in November, every time you turn, there has been a pop up sale or market.

I’m not complaining, of course. Christmas markets are, for me, where all of this began. My first trip to any local market of that kind was Chez Nous back in 2011, I think, when they were still up at Knightsbridge. It’s where I bought my first pair of Denise Hendrie earrings, my first 1ndividual tee and a gift set from Immortelle Beauty.

The Christmas markets continue over the next few weeks – Upmarket happens this Sunday at Woodbrook Youth facility, and again next week Sunday at Country Club.

However, there are two events I am particularly looking forward to over the course of the next two weeks.

The first actually begins today. It’s Janice Derrick’s Christmas Open Studio, and it’s taking place at the jeweller’s studio in Cascade.


Janice will of course have her exquisite jewellery available, and she’ll be joined by Lend & Borough (I first met Melissa at last year’s¬†studio…and let’s just say my love affair with her bags has been quite healthy since), Jade Drakes jewellery (available today only), Richard Hubbard, Sew Lisa and Adam Williams Ceramics (Saturday only).

The Open Studio happens today from 4pm to 9pm and again tomorrow from 10am to 6pm.

If you’re still on the hunt for something wonderful for yourself or a loved one for Christmas (or just because it’s the weekend) I strongly suggest you find your way to this event.

The next pop up I’m super excited about is Desperate Gifts, hosted at Propaganda Space, Belmont.


Desperate Gifts is the brainchild of Robert Young from The Cloth and it runs from December 18th to January 3rd (the timing, as you can guess, is an apt reflection of the name…surely desperation starts setting in once this rolls around right?).

Thankfully anything you buy at this event won’t reek of a last minute rush. How could it when the items on sale, no doubt, were carefully and meticulously crafted?

Literally anything you buy here will be a hit:

Items from The Cloth, of course.



You can also shop Dappered by Mark Eastman, Lisa’s Fabrics, Brianna McCarthy…even the elusive Hak Gwai will be making an appearance!

These are just a few of the sellers who’ll be at Desperate Gifts though, so be sure to drop in and take it all in.

So that’s it for me. Once I hit these two markets I should be completely DONE with Christmas shopping. Technically I’m already done but I’m one of those people who keeps buying when I shouldn’t. Oh well. No one complains ūüėÄ


Happy shopping!



My Christmas Wishlist 2014

Hulllooooooo folks!

My FAVOURITE time of year is upon us! I’m a huge Christmas nerd (nevermind my Christmas tree isn’t up yet) and to me there’s no greater joy than being able to give thoughtful, meaningful, beautiful gifts to my best friends and family.

This is a smidge late for me but I decided to put together a compilation of some of my personal favourite local goodies that I’m hoping to find under my tree (but probably won’t since I’m pretty sure no one in my fam reads my blog. Weh!)

Mayan Collar by Jacqueline Renee

Statement necklace…need I say more? I love this designer’s use of organic, found materials, and who doesn’t love a good burlap anything? Sidebar:¬†on my last trip to NYC, Urban Outfitters was trying to sell me a burlap poncho for like 80 bucks so I’m gonna guess that’s ‘in’ right now…

TTD $325. Available at

TTD $325. Available at

Anyway, this is way better than a burlap poncho.

Scented Candle by Immortelle Beauty

I am a huge sucker for a scented candle. This candle, described as golden amber musk with hints of sweet, spicy ginger, would make the perfect addition to the collection of earthy, spicy scents currently on rotation on my bedside table.

immortelle candle 2

USD$28. Available at and at Chez Nous today, Upmarket on December 14 and 21.

Hand Painted Ring Bowls by Ashley Thompson

When you own a lot of jewellery you’re always looking for cute ways to keep track of them. I haven’t seen anything cuter and more special than these ring bowls by Ashley Thompson. The one of a kind bowls will inspire you to get your life organised. Your accessory life anyway.

From TTD$180-$280. Available by special order from Ashley Thompson.

From TTD$180-$280. Available by special order from Ashley Thompson.

AMEN Printhouse Laptop Case

I actually do need a laptop sleeve for my new Air, since I fully plan on just tossing it in to whatever random bag I’m carrying on any given day. AMEN Printhouse makes some super cute laptop cases out of their unique, Caribbean-y prints. Protect your precious robot baby and support local at the same damn time.

Order it from AMEN Printhouse

Order it from AMEN Printhouse

Cocoa Vintage Cocoa Pod Necklace

Everything Crystal of Cocoa Vintage makes is magic, but it took an extraordinary stroke of genius to concoct this beauty. Ceramic cocoa pod with a bunch of cocoa seeds (but really they’re freshwater pearls) spilling out. Brilliant stuff and a real conversation-starter (if you’re in to that kind of thing…conversations, that is).

Get it at UpMarket on December 21.

Get it at UpMarket on December 21.

This whole look from Meiling’s Collection 2015

I was blessed enough to acquire a pair of trousers from the ‘Borrowed From The Boys’ themed Collection 2015, but I can’t keep my mind off this gorgeous ensemble from Meiling. According to Instagram, glamazon Wendy Fitzwilliam has already scooped these pieces up. Nice to know I’m in good company.

Get it at Meiling's Boutique at #6 Carlos Street.

Get it at Meiling’s Boutique at #6 Carlos Street.

The Cloth’s Attention Skirt¬†

Pretty much anyone with eyes is in love with this skirt, and of course, with good reason. I don’t consider myself a girly-girl by any stretch (some of you are scoffing right now…I don’t care) but there’s something about this skirt that makes me want to embrace what little femininity I do possess and go twirling around at top speed. This skirt also made it to the coveted Designer Island Loves List 2014, so I suspect it will be in high demand this Christmas.

Get it at Desperate Gifts, Propaganda Space, December 20 to 24.

Get it at Desperate Gifts, Propaganda Space, December 20 to 24.

And so concludes my Local Christmas Wishlist 2014. Hope you guys enjoyed!