Go Barefoot on the Beach for NYE

NYE is fast approaching and the thought at the top of everyone’s head, as usual, is how to celebrate.

I suspect my Ole Year’s will involve copious amounts of prosecco and Netflix…but for those of you heading over to the sister isle, there’s a slightly less ‘future cat lady’ option.

Mount Irvine Bay Resort is making NYE in Tobago fabulous with Barefoot on the Beach, a premium all-inclusive event, hosted at Mount Irvine’s Private Beach Facility on December 31st, 2015 from 9PM to 3AM.

Mount Irvine Bay Resort recently enjoyed a rejuvenation if you will, enlisting the superior branding expertise à la the geniuses at Abovegroup and embarking on a significant redesign via the Mac Farlane (yes, THAT Mac Farlane) Design Studio.

How do you lose with a combination like that?

Spoiler alert: you don’t.


Imagine ringing in 2016 with waves lapping gently around your feet, with a glass of champagne in one hand and the other holding a plate stacked high with food. If that isn’t a great way to start the year I’m not sure why you’re reading my blog because literally…all I care about is food.

Now naturally, when an event’s tagline is ‘island chic, footwear optional’, you start thinking about what faboosh wardrobe you’d be stuffing into Caribbean Airlines Dash 8-friendly carry on suitcase for the weekend.


Here’s what I would pack for a weekend away in Tobago, and a New Year’s Eve romp in the sand at Barefoot on the Beach.

Indie Swim

Indie Swim bikini available online or at NIXPIXX

Jae Jolly 1

Jae Jolly playsuit available at Exhibit A

Shop Shari

Shop Shari dress available online

cocoa vintage

Cocoa Vintage earrings available at The Shop at Normandie

Kite Dress

Kite dress by Meiling available at 6 Carlos


Sokanaval ensemble available online

So…before the booty shorts and crop tops of Carnival come out to play, let’s end 2015 with some style.

Barefoot on the Beach tickets are available through Island E Tickets.

You can get more information or RSVP to the event on Facebook or send a message via Mount Irvine Bay Resort’s Facebook page.


I’ll be hosting a giveaway on my Instagram profile @CeolaB this week. One lucky winner gets a pair of tickets to Barefoot on the Beach, courtesy of the Mount Irvine Bay Resort.

Just repost the Barefoot on the Beach image and my caption and you have a chance to win a ticket to this exclusive bram!


Disclaimer: I was not paid to post about Mount Irvine Bay Resort or Barefoot on the Beach 🙂


Pencil This In // Racked 2.0

Racks on racks…on racks…of clothes.

That’s the forecast for this weekend with the highly anticipated Racked 2.0 touching down this Sunday at The Verandah on Rust Street, St Clair.

You know the drill (or do you? hmm) – show up early…because I can guarantee everything you love will be sold out in the blink of an eye (I know this because I’ll be the one buying them, ha!).

Doors open at 11am and the first 50 customers get a complimentary cocktail from the bar. Parking is available on both sides of Rust Street on a Sunday so there’s no fear of the wrecker swooping through and grabbing your shopping money. The event only runs til 5:30pm so it might be a good idea to skip the beach. The weather has been shit anyway…Racked is the better idea.

Ain and Emma, the ladies running the event basically dished that patrons can look forward to even MORE apparel designers this time around. They’ve made a concerted effort to cater to everyone – women (duh, but we always get the best stuff), men (with BCO Style, Mark Eastman and Peta Odini) and kids (San Sarai, Sew Lisa and ESPJr). There will be more than 22 of our best and brightest in local fashion on hand to serve up all the fabulous hand-made goodness that frankly, we don’t see enough of.

If you’re like me and are in the quiet throes of desperation, trying to get everyone’s name checked off your Christmas list before the end of November, then Racked 2.0 provides the perfect opportunity to do exactly that, all while supporting the #SupportLocal movement.

Here are a few of the designers you can look forward to at Racked tomorrow:

See you tomorrow guys!

Treasure Hunting // The Shop


Simply but aptly named, The Shop occupies two units at The Normandie Hotel’s quaint Market Place, which already houses gems such as the Paper Based Bookshop and Gillian Bishop’s fine jewellery store.

Conceptualised as a space for local small businesses, artists, designers, and pretty much anyone with a creative passion to be able to showcase and sell their goods, The Shop hosts a variety of locally made treasures. Fashionistas and fashionistos alike can find apparel here from The Cloth, the queen of black and white – Meiling, quirky aprons from Jade Drakes aka Duck Girl and an array of colourful children’s clothing by Lisa Gittens of Sew Lisa.

IMG_7508 IMG_7509 IMG_7491

I was super excited to see Lend & Borough, a line of handmade leather handbags produced by Melissa Darbeau, sunglasses by my girl Sanian of Sanianitos, Mark Eastman‘s appropriately titled ‘Dappered’ collection of…well…rather dapper bow ties, intricate jewellery from Rachel Rochford and wonderful upcycled jewellery from Nature Seekers Craft & Jewellery.

IMG_7504 IMG_7502 IMG_7496 IMG_7493 IMG_7505

For the foodies there’s local fruit preserves by Terre Benie, who also sells at San Antonio Green Market, packaged saltfish buljol and smoked herring by Oui Cuisine, honey and honey products (I saw some candles I can only presume are made of bees’ wax) by Bede Rajahram, and my favourite cocoa tea and cocoa products from Exotic Caribbean Mountain Pride.

IMG_7490 IMG_7513 IMG_7515 IMG_7514

An unexpected surprise was The Palette Project – household items made from repurposed wooden palettes. Sustainable and affordable, I saw quite a few wine racks and some unique shelving options that had a real raw, unpolished feel to them. Very organic and special.



You get the vibe that The Shop is going to be one of those places that provides a new experience every time you visit. One of the owners of The Shop, Charisse Parsons promised to have even more designers and artisans showcased in the future. I’m always happy to see the #SupportLocal movement expand, particularly to brick and mortar establishments. Go check out The Shop when you get a chance!

Introducing // The Decorative Pillow Collection by Toni Crockett Design

I don’t think there’s a single woman in the world who wouldn’t want her home to be as fabulously outfitted as she is. We’re blessed in Trinidad to have a wealth of interior décor stores and interior designers to bring our homes up to the standard we hold for our own personal style. One such fabulous interior designer, Toni SuratSingh of Toni Crockett Design has introduced a beautiful, locally conceptualised and produced line of decorative pillows, inspired by motifs that are so integral to our Caribbean living. With themes like Amerindian, Bamboo, Coral and Cocoa, her line invokes a sense of subtle patriotism as we are given a tangible avenue to appreciate all the little things about this island life that make it so special and unique to us. As a bonus, these beautiful pillows are hand painted by Lisa Sarjeant-Gonzales of Lisa’s Fabrics…giving you an extra helping of specialness for your home.

Amerindian is my favourite…for what I hope would be an obvious reason! 😀

From Toni’s Facebook Page:

The Toni Crockett Design Decorative Pillow Collection is produced in small editions and proudly made in Trinidad. We take an artistic approach to home décor; by creating a collection that represents local talent and prints that are heavily influenced by Caribbean beauty.
Inspired by nature and local history our premier prints are Amerindian, Bamboo, Cocoa and Coral. Each organically expressed and personally interpreted to create our decorative pillow collection. We consider each pillow to be a work of art; handmade from natural materials of raw silk and burlap to create a striking balance of structure and imperfection. Hand painting can be somewhat unpredictable, but we embrace these subtle colour variations as part of the production process. By welcoming these variations, each pillow is unique; no two are alike. The Toni Crockett Design Collection is always evolving but stays true to our design approach of attainable home décor that is uniquely Caribbean.

We hope you enjoy your one of a kind piece!


Loved Lisa's abstract interpretation of Bamboo.

Loved Lisa’s abstract interpretation of Bamboo.

Who doesn't love cocoa?

Who doesn’t love cocoa?


Introducing AMERINDIAN, inspired and reminiscent of the primitive petroglyphs of the first people of Trinidad and Tobago. Embracing the simplicity of basic shapes and lines, our Amerindian print expresses national pride of our Amerindian Ancestry.


All photos sourced from the Toni Crockett Design Facebook Page. Click to see more.

Design and Concept by Toni Crockett Design

Hand Painted by Lisa Sarjeant Gonzales
Sewn by Sew Chic Interiors
Photo Credit: Rene Ortiz Photography
Photo shoot location: Private Residence

Beauty Bomb // L’Oreal-a-palooza

I’ve said it before somewhere that I never get too adventurous with my makeup. I think if I had to describe my ‘look’ it would be ‘minimalist’. I couldn’t live without moisturiser, a decent BB cream and the blackest eyeliner and mascara combo I can manage.

L’Oreal Trinidad & Tobago was kind enough to give me some goodies to try out the other day and I finally got around to ripping open the packaging and getting down and dirty (not so much) with a few stellar products.

First up and at the top of my list is the Voluminous Butterfly mascara. I posted a pic of this on Instagram and quite a few folks were interested in hearing my opinion on it. First up, let me say that the Voluminous line by L’Oreal has always been a cult favourite amongst the beauty vloggers I follow, and with good reason, I think. As one of my girlfriends put it – it’s the same formula as Lancôme (can’t confirm) at a fraction of the price. The formula is great – not too drying and doesn’t cause my lashes to clump together. I wouldn’t call it super volumising per se, but what it lacks in volume it makes up for in length. The wand is also pretty nifty, and no doubt, one of the key reasons for its success with me. The L’Oreal website had this synopsis of the innovative wand

Its revolutionary Butterfly Brush with asymmetrical lash line shape extends and lifts outer corner lashes to give you a winged-out effect, instantly volumizing lashes at the roots and stretching lashes outward. The unique Cocoon Fibers instantly wrap lashes in a soft, delicate veil to create silky, spectacular lashes that flutter.

I also appreciate that the smaller combs are perfect for your lower lashes, if you’re so inclined. The only downside I can find to this mascara is the fact that because of the angle of the brush, it works perfectly on your right eye…but you’d have to use your left hand to apply to your left eye if you want the same effect. Otherwise, the longer bristles on the wand end up on the inner corner of the eye when they should be on the outer corner. Ya dig? So yeah…I’m going to have to get a bit ambidextrous with this mascara application if I want the same results on each eye. This has made it into my everyday makeup bag nevertheless.

Next up is the L’Oreal Infallible Silky Pencil Eyeliner. I don’t usually go for eyeliners I have to sharpen…because laziness. However, if you don’t mind the extra work, the Infallible eyeliner is not a bad buy. It’s highly pigmented with good colour pay off. I use pencil eyeliner on my waterline…and this pencil is pretty soft, so you have to be careful not to apply it too close to your tear ducts otherwise you’ll end up with some streaky black marks near the inner corner of your eye. It stays on ALL day…I usually have to use my oil-based makeup remover to get it all off. I’m not sure what more you could want from an eyeliner, barring not having to sharpen it of course. The colour wasn’t my favourite because of the sparkles in the Charcoal version but I would opt for a Black in this, easily.

Next is a lip product called the Extraordinaire by Colour Riche in Ruby Opera. Now I almost never wear lip colour, but it’s nice to have an option if you want to get a little dolled up for a special occasion. The formula is super moisturising but I didn’t find it sticky. The colour itself is rich, vibrant and long lasting, which is great since I almost never remember to reapply my lip products.

Last but not least was a hair product that I didn’t even realise was working super well for me until of course…I forgot to use it one day. The ends of my hair are bleached so naturally, it’s split end central. I began incorporating the L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Total Repair Extreme Split Ends Fixer after every wash, before my blow dry. Now I can’t say for sure that my split ends reduced in number (I think they did), but I can say that the one time I neglected to include this product in my regimen, my ends were awful – very dry and brittle. Thankfully I can apply this serum to wet or dry hair so two pumps later and they were looking and feeling a lot healthier.


So concludes my L’Oreal-a-palooza tour. I actually have one or two more products that I was given that I’m yet to try so perhaps I’ll incorporate those into a follow up post.



NB: These products were sent to me for consideration. I am not being paid for this review. This is my honest opinion folks…you should know I wouldn’t give it to you any other way 🙂

Pencil This In // Pop Up Shop Times 5

Looks like I really will be living on ramen noodles for the remainder of July. Good thing I love ramen *smirk*

Right after Racked TT we have another shopping extravaganza to look forward to. It’s those three little words that every woman is dying to hear – Pop Up Shop.

A Pop Up of massive proportions as well…with five fabulous designers and all the wonderful goodies that come with.




Get familiar with some of the designers/artists on show (in case you weren’t already)






Admittedly I’m not familiar with this artist but I have on good authority that he’s the mastermind behind these gorgeous Christmas trees that were featured at the Christmas Pop Up Shop last year. I’m anticipating some fabulous decor and visual art from this individual.


Color Revolution SXM (Part Deux)

Oh yes….white sand between my toes, a comfy lounge upon which to rest my tush, a dedicated bar service and some mini tiki torches lapping playfully at the hem of my Christian Boucaud convertible dress (Oh hell no fire! Not you and me today). Contrary to what you may be thinking at this point…no…I wasn’t on some sun-drenched beach, but rather, at the painfully chic rooftop Sky Beach Bar & Lounge for night two of Color Revolution’s runway presentation.

On the cards to show that night were nine designers, hailing from Trinidad & Tobago, St. Martin, Barbados, St. Vincent, Haiti and the U.S.

First up was Tobagonian-based Kaj Designs – a minimalist, elegant resort collection named Tribu Savage, that boasted lots of neutral colour palettes and animal print. Kaj is always a dream to watch walk down a runway – what isn’t flowing and romantic is ultra-sexy and fitted, all with plunging necklines and slits to show off the legs darling, the LEGS.

The second designer from St. Martin, Sheila Sorton, interestingly enough, also featured crochet designs. Hers though, were a bit sexier and more resort than Kai Designs’ the night before. It’s the kind of thing you expect to see some socialite clad in while sipping cocktails on a private yacht, anchored off the coast of St. Martin.

When you think of menswear in the Caribbean…your first thought probably isn’t of sharp, structured, beautifully tailored suits, jackets and trousers, paired with stylish comfortable polos and dapper button up shirts. Well…Ecliff Elie, which is a name I’ve associated with menswear for as long as I’ve known myself, does exactly that. Ecliff (sidebar: who also happened to make a hot pink silk suit for my brother for his graduation) is something of a fashion stalwart in Trinidad & Tobago. His collection was, simply put, an immaculate interpretation of sleek modern menswear.

Barbadian but NYC-based Christina Goddard, under her brand Conrad Sinclair,  presented a collection that was, interestingly enough, a combination of Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Her inspiration came from the brief respite she got in her home island of Barbados, during the polar vortex that engulfed New York this year. I actually preferred her Autumn/Winter looks, like her smart capes and cropped jackets.

Kimya Glasgow, out of St. Vincent, showed a collection of what I could only refer to as Caribbean glamour. Amidst her palette of blue, green and white, she also offered up some beautiful hand painted fabrics and a floral print to die for. I really loved how easy all her clothing was, punctuated ever so often by luxurious raw silk details.

My boo, Jacqueline Charles of Koko Karibi Designs, was the sole accessory designer for the entire weekend. It’s great to see an accessory designer stepping up to the plate the way Jacquie has with the marketing and branding of her work. Of course she showed what she’s best known for – minimalist designs that are artfully and masterfully created. From more subtle choker necklaces featuring slices of agate, to more elaborate, statement pieces like her popular dreamcatcher necklace, Koko Karibi offered up something for everyone to lust after.

Pajje1983 was one of my favourite collections for the night. The mononymous designer, Prajje, is Haitian born, but NYC based, and you could easily see the influence of his tenure in the US reflected in his garments. The Prajje1983 girl is an island transplant, stalking the streets of New York City in the peak of summer. His collection featured a lot of bold prints and solids, with texture incorporated throughout with the leather panels, broderie anglaise and ruffle details.

The night closed with a whopping 30-gown presentation by Andre Soriano, former contestant on Rihanna’s Styled To Rock reality television show. Not so much a collection as an array of statement garments, Soriano’s clothes seemed a bit out of place in the grand scheme of things. There were of course many stunning pieces from his presentation, notedly the massive, ornate, Madonna-esque ball-gown that closed the show. Much love to Andre – I heard he was the life of the party and a real sweetheart to boot – but I had eyes (and photos) mainly for my Caribbean massive.

Color Revolution SXM, thanks for having me. Let’s do it again soon, k?